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“Beam Plasma and Inertial Fusion” Section, Plasma Physics Division, EPS: Calls for candidate board members.

The “Beam Plasma and Inertial Fusion” Section of the Plasma Physics Division of EPS (the European Physical Society) calls for candidates for the next elections to renew its board.

Current members of the board are:
Luis Silva - Portugal
Joerg Schreiber - Germany
John Pasley - UK
Alessandra Benuzzi Mounaix - France
Dimitri Batani - chair - France
Angelo Schiavi - Italy
Valery Bychenkov - Russia
Daniele Margarone - Czech Republic
Piotr Raczka - Poland

The first 4 members (L. Silva - J. Schreiber - J. Pasley - A. Benuzzi Mounaix) terminate their mandate this year and need to be replaced.
Also D.Batani will end his mandate as chair. The new BPIF board will choose a new chair within the board members.

Scientists wishing to candidate are requested to contact D.Batani (at email sending a 1-page CV which will be distributed in the call for elections.
Such request must be sent before May 1st 2015.
Candidates must be researchers working in the field who are members of the European Physical Society or of one of the National Societies affiliated to EPS.

Elections will take place before end May 2015 so that the new elected members will eb able to take part in the next BPIF board meeting during the next EPS Plasma Physics Conference in Lisbon.

More information on BPIF activitie scan be found on the web site

23 April 2015 to 1 May 2015
Internet: response via e-mail.