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WG6: Training Activities & Science Dissemination

Working Group 6 has as its key responsibilities training, public outreach and dissemination. 

Training Programme – COST action MP1208

It is one of the main goals of the COST MP1208 action to promote excellence via networking activities, to identify and support research and development actions in the field of laser fusion, to encourage mobility of researchers as well as capacity building via training actions and initiatives. Among the priority activities is to establish the foundations for top quality training of young scientists in the field of laser fusion science and related optoelectronics technology aiming to enlarge and strengthen Europe’s scientific community in the field.

Training actions are financially supported by MP1208 action either by direct support to existing training activities or by supporting young scientists and experienced academics and researchers to participate, as external students or lecturers.

HiPOLIN Lecture on HiPER strategies

HiPOLIN lecture on HiPER strategies, during Erasmus Intensive Programme June 2014.

Furthermore, COST’s MP1208 intent for high quality training, can meet other important training actions in the Master or PhD level which already enjoy a European dimension i.e. master courses developed with the support of the Erasmus Curriculum Development programme.

Such strategic for MP1208 action initiatives, aim to offer high quality training as part of the networking activities for the promotion of excellence in laser fusion Europe.

Training schools:

  • HiPOLIN 2014 Erasmus Intensive Programme, 30th June – 12th July 2014: ( An Introduction to High Power Light- Matter Interactions, Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

"The main objective of the HiPOLIN was to offer high quality training to the students in the field of high power laser - matter interactions and fusion science and technology.  COST supported students and lecturers to participate to the School as external partners."

"The school aims at young scientists (PhD and Master students) from different countries, and provided courses on various aspects of fusion energy, plasma experiments and technology."

Master Courses:

"The main objective of the PLAPA master course is the contribution to the training of new scientists in the field of laser fusion. Partners of the COST MP1208 action were also consortium partners for the development of the PLAPA course, which can offer quality training at Master level, thus generating a pool of scientists for PhD studies."

Public Outreach Activities

  • MP1208 website (this website)
  • MP1208 movie 



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