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The call for nominations for the 4th Edouard Fabre prize is now open! 

13 Feb 2017 14:53

The announcement for the International Summer School on Plasma Physics "Atoms and Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields", to be held at Erice, Sicily, 7-17 July 2017, is now posted on


13 Feb 2017 14:31

The announcement for the 13th Direct Drive and Fast Ignition Workshop, to be held at Salamanca, Spain, on 22-24 March 2017, is now available on


13 Feb 2017 14:28

The second announcement for the 2nd European Conference in Plasma Diagnostics, Bordeaux, 2017 is now posted on



19 Apr 2016 9:37

A new movie has been released, portrating the MOOC at the University of Bordeaux, and its relation with the COST Action MP1208.

Click HERE to view the movie.

4 Apr 2016 14:39

Announcement of the 2016 Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA

The website for the meeting is now available at

Please consider registering and submitting a paper (Apologies for repeat notifications)

8 Mar 2016 20:34



Full announcement (PDF) at

More info at COST official MP1208 site



3 Mar 2016 0:24

NB: Full annoucement in PDF can be downloaded here.

Dear colleagues,

Within the scope of the COST action MP-1208, we will organize a meeting on April 18-20, 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting will be comprised of annual meeting of MC members of the action MP-1208, and workshop of WG4 “Materials and Secondary sources of particles and radiation”.The main scientific topics of the WG4 meeting will be

 • Materials for high radiation environments

30 Jan 2016 13:34