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BPIF Elections 2015, ballot submission

BPIF Elections 2015

e-mail YOUR BALLOT before 30 MAY 2015 TO:

The Beam Plasma & Inertial Fusion (BPIF) section represents researchers and coordinates activities on physics of Laser-produced Plasmas and Inertial Fusion in Europe. It is a part of Plasma Physics Division (PPD) of European Physical Society (EPS). For activities of the section and its board, please see the site

Full BPIF membership is required to take part in the elections. For those who have not yet registered as full members of the BPIF section, please do so and then vote.

According to BPIF statutes ( ) four elected members of the BPIF Board and the chairman are stepping down. These are:
D. Batani (chair, France)
L. Silva (Portugal) elected in 2010
J. Schreiber (Germany) elected in 2010
J. Pasley (United Kingdom) elected in 2010
A. Benuzzi-Monaix (France) elected in 2010

Four board members will stay on the Board to the next elections in 2017.
D. Batani (France) elected in 2012
P. Raczka (Poland) elected in 2012
A. Schiavi (Italy) elected in 2012
V. Bychenkov (Russia) co-opted in 2012
D. Margarone (Czech Republic) co-opted in 2012

The new BPIF board will choose a new chair within the board members

The elections 2015 are conducted by the committee consisting of three former members of the BPIF Board:

J. Honrubia (Spain)
J. Schreiber (Germany)
V. Tikhonchuk (France)

For voting, you have to be a member of the European Physical Society or one of the national societies affiliated with the EPS. Since we do not have an updated official list of BPIF members, we ask all voters to certify explicitly that your are a member of EPS/PPD or National Societies affiliated to EPS. You are also encouraged to distribute this call to colleagues of your institute/department to ensure the participation of the BPIF community in this call.


Please return the ballot completed with 3 (or less ) candidates before 30 May 2015 to

The seven candidates for the period 2015 - 2019 are:

Davide Bleiner (Switzerland)
Marta Fajardo (Portugal)
Robert Kingham (United Kingdom)
Michel Koenig (France)
Markus Roth (Germany)
Joao Santos (France)
Arie Zigler (Israel)

For getting their short CV, as well as for all other information on elections, please visit the web site:

Results of the elections will be announced in June before the EPS/PPD conference. The newly elected board will convene in Lisbon during the EPS/PPD Conference, June 22nd - 26th.

D. Batani, BPIF chair