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HEDLA 2016 Conference - first announcement

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 11th International Conference on High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics, to be held May 16-20, 2016 at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, in Menlo Park, California. This will mark the 20th anniversary of the HEDLA conference series and will be a great opportunity to discuss exciting recent work and future prospects in laboratory astrophysics.

Meeting topics

  • Dense Plasmas (EOS, warm dense matter, planet interiors,…)
  • Fluid and Collisional Plasmas (jets, turbulence, dynamos, instabilities,…)
  • Transport and Atomic Processes (heat conduction, anomalous resistivity, diffusion, radiative transport, opacity, line shapes, photoionization,…)
  • Collisionless Plasmas and Particle Acceleration (shocks, magnetic reconnection,…)
  • New Frontiers (QED, pair plasmas, nuclear astrophysics, new experimental facilities, computing,…) 

Scientific Organizing Committee

Tony Bell, Paul Bellan, Roger Blandford (Chair), Jim Drake, Paul Drake, Jonathan Fortney, Stefan Funk, Frank Jenko, Hyesung Kang, Matthew Kunz, Sergei Lebedev, Christoph Pfrommer, Bruce Remington, Dmitri Ryutov, Luis Silva, Dmitri Uzdensky, Ellen Zweibel

Local Organizing Committee

Tom Abel, Roger Blandford, Mark Capelli, Sigrid Close, Roger Falcone, Frederico Fiuza (Chair), Siegfried Glenzer, Mark Hogan, Wendy Mao, Bruce Remington

Important Dates

  • Registration opens December 7, 2015
  • Abstract deadline is January 29, 2016

The HEDLA 2016 website, is now running and provides essential information about the conference topics and the meeting venue. Additional information will be added soon. If you have any questions about the conference please feel free to contact us at; details can be found through the website.

We look forward to your participation in HEDLA 2016!


Best Regards,

Frederico Fiuza

on behalf of the HEDLA 2016 Local Organizing Committee