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Inauguration du laser PETAL

Alain Rousset, president of Aquitaine Regional Council, and Daniel Verwaerde, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and Energy Alternatives (CEA), inaugurated this Friday, September 18, 2015 the PETAL laser installation at the Megajoule Laser (LMJ), in CEA Cesta center (Aquitaine Scientific and Technical Studies Centre), in the presence of Pierre Dartout, prefect of the Aquitaine region and prefect of the Gironde, Geleznikoff Francis, director of military applications of CEA and Patrick Mora, director of the Laser and Plasma Institute (ILP). On May 29, 2015 PETAL delivered a power of 1.2 Petawatt, thus becoming the most powerful laser in the world in the category of energy lasers.  The CEA, with the support of the ILP, over the course of nearly 10 years, has designed a unique scientific instrument at the European level: The PETAL whose acronym means 'Petawatt Aquitaine Laser.  This laser, realized through project management of the Aquitaine Region, the support of the State and the European Union is a technological achievement. Its existence is a demonstration of the extraordinary knowledge and know-how of scientists, engineers and technicians of our countries.

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