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From lasers to the universe: Scaling laws in laboratory astrophysics

Publication date: 
24 March 2010
S. Bouquet, E. Falize, C. Michaut, C.D. Gregory, B. Loupias, T. Vinci, M. Koenig

In this work scaling laws in laboratory astrophysics are studied. It is shown that mathematical models governing radiation hydrodynamics-driven phenomena are invariant under the homothetic group transformation and can be rescaled according to several types of scaling laws. This property is valid for both optically thick and optically thin materials and it allows a correct and rigorous connection between astrophysical objects or phenomena and laboratory experiments. This approach is applied to astrophysical jets and radiative shocks where advantages as well as difficulties are pointed out.

High Energy Density Phys. (2010), doi:10.1016/j.hedp.2010.03.001