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Stark broadening of Xe VIII spectral lines

Publication date: 
21 August 2015
Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Zoran Simic, Andjelka Kovacevic, Aleksandar Valjarevic and Sylvie Sahal-Bréchot

Stark broadening parameters have been calculated for 60 spectral lines of Xe VIII, for broad- ening by electron, proton, and He III impacts. For calculations, the semiclassical perturbation approach in the impact approximation has been used. The widths and shifts are provided for temperatures from 20 000 K to 500 000 K and for an electron density of 1017 cm−3. Obtained results have been used to study the influence of Stark broadening on spectral lines in DO white dwarf atmospheres and it has been found that exist broad layers where this broadening mechanism is dominant in comparison with thermal Doppler broadening. 

Journal link: MNRAS, vol.454, 1736-1741 (2015)

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,