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Abstracts from Begrade WG4 meeting now available.

Publication date: 
19 June 2016
MP1208 WG4, Secondary sources of particles and radiation

MONDAY April 18th
1. Emmanuel d’Humieres, Modeling of radiation production and activation issues in high-energy high-intensity laser facilities
2. Carmen-Georgeta, RISTOSCU, Presentation of the new laser facilities in Magurele, Romania - ELI-NP and CETAL
3. Mauricio Rico, Intense and fast laser-matter interaction at CLPU
4. Chris Spindoe, Delivery of complex targets for the academic access experiments on the AWE Orion laser facility
5. Wigen Nazarov, Sub-micrometres and nanometres low density polymeric foams and full density polymers for laser targets – present and future
6. John COSTELLO, Table-top laser produced colliding plasmas
7. Marcin ROSINSKI, Investigations at the IPPLM on laser‐produced ions and applications
8. Piotr Raczka, Particle production using high power high intensity lasers
9. Jiri Limpouch, Fluid modeling of laser interaction with micro-structure targets
10. JeanPaulPerin,Solidhydrogentargetforlaserdrivenprotons acceleration
11. Milan Trtica, Material surface modification by ns, ps and fs laser pulses
12. Guillame Duchateau, Laser induced transition from a dielectric solid to a dense plasma by femtosecond pulses
13. Suzana Petrovic, Laser beam effects on protective coatings.
14. Zsolt Kovacs, Cleaning ultrashort KrF laser pulses with plasma mirrors
TUESDAY April 19th
8:45-10:45 MC meeting, WG4, discussions
16. Manolo Perlado, Multiscale modeling of materials: light species dynamics in nano-W and EOS of hydrogen
17. Michael Tatarakis, Progress on experimental and numerical investigation of the influence of the thermoelastic regime to the plasma dynamics and instability formation in materials
15. Alessandro Maffini, Nanostructured materials for nuclear fusion research and laser-driven ion acceleration
18. Davide BLEINER, Laser plasma sources enabling sub-threshold spectro- radiography
19. Noaz Nissim, Diamond Anvil Cells (DAC) targets for laser-driven compression experiments
20. Katarzyna Jakubowska, Water and carbon at Mbar pressures with laser- driven shocks
21. Jan Psikal, Optimization of nanostructured targets for efficient laser- driven ion acceleration
22. Sergey Kudryashov, Single-shot high-fluence femtosecond laser ablation and related Mbar shock waves, residual stresses and increased micro-scale hardness in solid targets
23. Nektarios Papadogiannis, Generate and control giant nanoscale acoustic strains in Silicon using chirped femtosecond laser pulses
24. George Tsibidis, From ripples to spikes: a hydro-dynamical physical mechanism to interpret femtosecond laser induced self-assembled structures
16:30-20:00 MC meeting, WG4
WEDNESDAY April 20th (Hotel Majestic, Vinca)
25. Vladimir Zvorykin, Degradation of transmissive laser optics under intensive UV, x/gamma irradiation
26. Tzveta Apostolova, Optically induced ultrafast photocurrents and high harmonic generation in bulk diamond
27. Stoyan Mishev, Simulation of captured electrons from dense plasmas inducing nuclear excitations - a bridge between atomic and nuclear physics.
28. François Sylla, Valorization of X-Ray Beams from Laser Plasma Accelerator
29. Aleksander Kovacevic, Modification of bismuth germanium oxide characteristics by femtosecond irradiation

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